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A Guide to Being Rad

Write down a list of goals, dreams and ambitions.
– Remember the universe is infinite, and so are you. Don’t ever limit yourself, my momma always told me you can be more than one thing! If you wanna be a doctor with a passion for makeup, do ya thing boo. I believe in you! 

– Also, writing things down is the first step to making your dreams reality. If it’s written, it’ll be a reminder for what you’re working towards. 

Be Yourself.

– This may take sometime because we’re young and haven’t the slightest idea who we are yet, but as we grow we will learn to accept that we are unique human beings, and begin to realize we shouldn’t change for anyone. 

Fight for what you believe in and make a change. 

– Take any opportunity to make a difference, whether it’s writing a post about the inequality in sexes today or participating in a protest. You’re heart and soul will ignite a change, even if the sparks are not visible. 

– You are powerful and strong, and you have the ability to change the world. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. 

Keep an open mind. 

– Recently, I took a philosophy class and it changed the way I viewed the world. There are so many minds out there, so many people with different perspectives than you. Can you learn from those perspectives? 

Start a vision board. 

– Visuals are very important. This will keep you motivated, and allow you to invision your near future.

– When you look at the board, remember to say “this is my future, I deserve it.” It’s important to make it known to the universe that this is something you are demanding and it is something you’re a working very hard for. 

Allow yourself to grow and change. 

– You won’t be the same person, you were a year ago. A month ago even. We will learn new things, our perspectives will change and the people around us are changing as well. 

– Let yourself become “you” whoever that person is. 

Love yourself.

– This is extremely important. We have the power to change the world, make a difference and be an influence to the world around us but we can’t do that if we don’t realize our potential and the power we possess. 

– Everyday I want you to say out loud, “I am safe, I am beautiful and I am loved.”

– Create a list of things that you are proud of and things you want to work on. You are the canvas and the painter, remember that.
What do you think being “rad”  actually means? And do you think you have the potential to be it?


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