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Rebel and Love Yourself

What if we all knew our self worth? What if we didn’t doubt our importance? What makes us doubt? Do you remember the time when you began to question and compare? We have to find the love and innocence that we once had as a child, that sparkle we had. When we thought we princesses and princes! The feeling that nothing could stop us and the world was on our side and not against us. 

We must empower ourselves. We must find the magic in loving ourselves again. 

                 “I rebel, therefore I am.” 

In a society that teaches us that we must configure who we are in order to fit in or to make a certain standard, believing that we have worth is the true rebellion.

I want to start out by saying it isn’t an easy journey to know your importance, because I’m still trying to find mine. I think we can begin by realizing that we are imperfect but that does not mean we are flawed. I say this because I believe that when we say we are flawed, we are saying we are mistakes or something that can’t be fixed. I’m saying that we have the ability to better ourselves. Whether that is working out/being healthy in order to be happier and create a better you, taking classes to further our knowledge or whatever it takes to conquer that happiness we once had as a child. We are doing this, so we can accept ourselves. Our beautiful imperfect selves.

I think together we can try to find that magic of loving who we are and we can find the ability of believing we can do anything, once again. 

What do you do when you start doubting yourself? What steps do you take to love every inch of who you are as a person? 

Can we start a revolution?


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