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The Magic In Us

I feel like we have magic in us, somewhere that slowly seeped out of our soul. As we grow up our innocence and our untarnished imagination goes way as we start realizing the truth of the world we are living in. The hatred and the inequality becomes too real to ignore, and we start putting a shield up. We start being cynical and believing there can’t be magic in the world because all of the evil and the atrocities that happen on this earth. But did we believe this when we were children?

We need to relearn the magic we use to have as kids; the endless possibilities, being fearless, and the limitless creativity. 

Once we believed in fairies and goodness, once we believed we could anything we put our mind too; that anything possible, any action and there was no such thing as limits. Why do I feel like we need to find that magic again? Because it can bring change. 

The magic in us, can bring love back. It won’t be easy, as some people has already succumbed to the darkness and let ignorance be who they are but if we unify, and let light into our soul; we can make a difference. 

What if, one day you stood up and said I’m going to make a difference in the the world and you didn’t have any doubts? You just believed in yourself? IMAGINE the possibilities. BELIEVE in yourself and don’t let societies darkness take over your DREAMS. We CAN make a difference. We WILL make a difference.

What could we do if we let the magic back in?


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