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3 Ways to Start Celebrating You. 

      ✨✨      You must dance to your own rhythm.  ✨✨

How can we celebrate ourselves when it’s so much easier and much more appreciated in todays society, to doubt yourself? 

1. Find your passion. 

What is something that fuels your fire? Something that gets you so excited, that you need to shout from the rooftops? This is important, it gives you a purpose and something to work towards everyday. And it’s yours, you will hold it and cherish it until it blooms into something beautiful! Remember you can do anything, your mind is a powerful tool so is your heart. 

2. Find your confidence.

What makes you feel good? What makes you go, damn that’s me? We have to remember that our souls are unique and powerful, and our importance is undeniable. Now, this may be a hard step seeing that it may have been drilled in our heads that thinking that we all that and a bag of chips, is a very naughty thought. What if we all took away the thoughts that we believe we are supposed to have, and replaced them with positive thoughts? Thoughts that make your tummy warm, and your heart thump. Your soul is beautiful, remember that. 

3. Find your happiness. 

What makes you smile? What makes you want to get up in the morning and change the world? This may be very close to finding your passion, but I believe finding your happiness is in the little things. Maybe you can draw something, if the artist in you is peaking out or write a story? Even helping someone else out, you don’t know the tremendous power of getting a smile out of someone! I also believe your soul becomes brighter when you help others, remember everyone else is trying to be a better person as well. Tell them they’re doing great, they look like a sexy bag of chips today, whatever but make someones day. It’ll make yours. 

Remember we are powerful, smart, and beautiful human beings with the power to do anything. 

How do you celebrate yourself?


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