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Let’s Vibe.Β 

✨😎🐬🌻✨ VIBE BY VIBE. 

I want to explore finding good vibes. What are good vibes? I believe it’s moments of positivity and light. When you allow yourself to be who you are, and the people around you are inspired by that person. 

Do you remember those times when you’re so happy, so inspired? And you feel like your soul may be made up of pixie dust?! Well, we need more of this feeling in our lives!! Whether it’s because you’re hanging out with good people, who have good hearts or it’s because you are so excited about a new outfit, project, trip etc that it feels like we are floating. We must harness the good vibe, so that good can continuously come into our lives. 

How can we do this? We must allow positivity in our life, tell that negativity to find a new place to live! Cuz it’s not paying rent, and it’s creating a lot of damage. We must find ways to love ourselves so that we can find happiness in every little thing. Sometimes insecurity seeps through and we find ourself in this land of shadows and this is where we start questioning our power and strength, and the little word “can’t” becomes too strong to ignore. We need to find ways to make a soul feel like pixie dust once more. Once we start vibin’ to the positivity that land of shadows becomes a forest of magic. 

How do you find good vibes? What are good vibes to you? 


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