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How To Be A Bitch; a Rad Girl Initiative.

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.” – Bette Davis.

We are in the generation of voice, of being heard and no longer being able to say I didn’t hear you. If we weren’t loud before, it’s time to get louder. Join me on the adventure of no longer being quiet, let’s be ambitious. Let’s be bitches.


  1. Your voice must be heard. 
  2. When in doubt; seek other powerful woman for guidance. One with wisdom does not have it by isolating themselves from other powerful minds. 
  3. Figure out what you want. Figure out how to get it. And do it. 
  4. Take steps to discover who you are. When one questions your motives, you always have your inner soul to look back too. 
  5. Be eager for knowledge, seek knowledge, gain knowledge. Ignorance may be bliss, but staying ignorant is where the problem lies. 
  6. Accept that you may change, others may change around you, and so will your surroundings. Allow yourself to bloom because everyone else is. 
  7. Remember you are strong and those with souls that have strength and power, may have others feeling intimated. You worked hard to get where you are, don’t let others with darkness take you down. 
  8. Be a BITCH.


What does being a bitch mean to you? And is it really a bad word?


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