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Little Birdy.🐣🌻

Okay, there’s a lesson in every situation. An outcome, a blessing. It may seem like there won’t be one, it may seem that it will be negative, or bad forever. But one day your wings will spread and it’ll be your turn to fly. 

I have been feeling a little stuck lately. What I mean by that is I’ve been put into a situation that I didn’t expect nor wanted. Something I didn’t feel could happen or at least something that shouldn’t of happened. It’s unfortunate and it’s sucks, it really does. But you gotta remember: things happen so lessons can be learned!! What did I learn by this? People have inner demons that they need to take care of and so do you, so you can’t judge them nor get mad at them. You should let them free, give them space so both of you can become better people. Ya know what I mean? Also, it’s given me this motivation. Motivation, strength and confidence needed to become a better person so I’m thankful really!!

So why did I call this little birdy? Because that’s me. I am going to fly, find who I am, and become a better person. My wings may have been broken for awhile, but I’m ready to soar. β˜„οΈπŸ’­βœ¨


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