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Rad Girl Thoughts: Why don’t we just love ourselves?

Today I  was thinking about something interesting, well at least interesting to me. Do you guys think that loving yourself is less profitable than when you’re proud of who you are?

So, we’ve all complained that we want more plus size models, we want to see real women. I know they hear us, I know were being heard but why are we being ignored? We still have obsessions over people like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, etc those celebrities with the “perfect” body.  Yet, it’s proven that an average women is a size 12 – 14.  I believe that society wants us to be insecure, wants us to look up to these women, dress like these women rather then be yourself. But what exactly is yourself? Society continuously molds us to want to be someone else, look like someone else, talk like someone else, etc. Don’t you think that there is a correlation between how much certain industries like fashion and entertainment make? Do you think that the Kardashian’s would make as much money if we were taught to love ourselves? Maybe that’s why they don’t show real woman, because they wouldn’t make any profit from it.

What do you guys think about this? Do you have anything to add on?


7 thoughts on “Rad Girl Thoughts: Why don’t we just love ourselves?

  1. I think we have to remember that these ‘perfect’ women are not perfect as in they are not superwomen or even role models, clothes just look good on them, that is clothes made for people with that shape (ie not a lot) to be shown almost as prototypes to the industry look good on them. They are not ‘real women’ in the sense that they represent the majority, they are the odd ones. So the fact that we want to be like an odd one is odd in itself. Would we really want to be over six feet tall in flats, would we really want to have zero shape so clothes hang from our shoulders like they do on coat hangers? I have total respect for super models for using what nature gave them but that was a quirk of nature an oddity it is not the norm.

    We are all beautiful and just as those supermodels who no doubt felt like daddy long legs and super conscious about being tall and hated it about themselves they found a way to love what they were and to use it to their advantage… look at JLo’s big bum, before she came along women tried to HIDE their lovely big backsides but when she more or less shoved it in our faces and said “This be my ass and I love it, I don’t care what you think about it” she changed perceptions and the more of us who do that with our fabulous bodies the better, the sooner these pressures will fade.


  2. We live in a highly sexual world that is trying to mold everyone into being the same when in reality no two people are the same. If even twins aren’t exactly the same, how do they expect people all across the world to be the same. People are altering their bodies in order to be a copy of someone else… What is this world coming to??


      • They tell you to do something and then get mad when you actually do it. People change up everyday that is why it is important to love yourself because then you won’t feel the need to change yourself to make other comfortable.


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