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A Date Night…with Yourself.

Here are five ways to have a date with yourself. I know this sounds silly but we need to love and feel comfortable with ourselves before anyone else can. Let’s cherish ourselves today.

  • Before the date, look in the mirror and mentally list five things you love about yourself. This is important; we want this to be a night of love and positive vibes. No negativity invited! (and don’t forget to wink.)

  • Go all out! Find a desired look. What I mean by this, find a theme and stick to it. For example, let’s say you want fall vibes everyday all day, ya know what I mean? You would find a makeup look and an awesome fit that goes with that theme.

  • Find a place to go. Let’s be active here, people! Lol, anywho. Okay, make a list of your passions and look up what’s around your area that will help fuel your passion. For example, an art class or a night at the museum.

  • Now let’s say you don’t wanna go out. Stay in! Watch your favorite movies, look for things you haven’t seen before. Make a list of your favorite characters and how you can use them as tools of inspiration in your everyday life. Don’t forget the snacks, make sure you have all the goodies. Goodies are important!

  • Last but not least, try something new. Whether it’s food or being to a place you’ve never been; it couldn’t even be striking a convo with cutie that you see! Discover yourself, let live!



Here are some visual inspiration for your date night. Do these steps and tell me how your date goes, I would love to see what you discover!


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