Rad girl

baby know that i, come first.

it’s great that you want me
but I come with a warning
so I’mma be real with you, I know what I need. – Terror Jr.

Okay, I love this song. It’s definitely a jam, sam. I don’t just like it because of the catchy beat, or the fact that it may be Kylie Jenner singing, I love it because of the lyrics.

“I come first.”

It’s important that know that you do actually come first. You have to remember that you have needs and that you deserve all them being satisfied, because you do.

You’re a beautiful human being, who is powerful and can have whatever they freakin want. Okay? Okay.

So what do I want you to do? I want you to create of list of needs that you have. It could be what you want in a relationship or what type life you want to live in an everyday life.

Then, I want you to visualize it. So, create a visualization board. Find images, quotes, an aesthetic! Once you start visualizing it, you’re telling the universe you believe it can happen. And it can!

Also, I want you to be grateful for things that you have! Even the littlest things, believe me there is positivity and love in everything! Just open your heart and look for it. Okay.

Most importantly, always remember YOU COME FIRST.


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