Rad girl

New year, new me??

Okay, this was a year of lessons. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been through experiences that will shape me forever. Now, I wouldn’t say 2016 was a bad a year or even horrible, I would say it was a blessing in a disguise but i am so ready to move on to the next phase of my life. Honestly, this was a year that a lil bit of reality settled in! You are your own best friend, you will be there when no one else. I learned that becoming comfortable with myself and not relying on peoples opinions is a hard process! I didn’t even think I had too, so that’s why I’m grateful for this year. It gave me the push to harness the power of me, myself and I!

However, I don’t think i’ve ever been so excited for a new year. I am going to continue finding me and who I am through my career. I want 2017 to be focused on me achieving my career goals and all the little goals I have set for myself. (a detailed list will be posted later on) I am starting to believe in myself and the abilities that I have inside of myself. I am strong, determined and creative, I am going to succeed in the next year. Two of my main goals are growing as a blogger and launching my online business! I am super excited about what’s coming up for me; the ups and downs, the challenges and tribulations all I know is I am entering 2017 with a belief in myself that I’ve never had. I am strong, I am loved and I am powerful! 2017 here I come.

What did you learn in 2016 and what are you most excited for in 2017?



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