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2017 will be our year ✨✨✨

Here are three ways that will allow you to have the greatest year yet, filled with happiness and positivity. 

  • Make small goals as well as large ones.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but this is definitely our year. I feel it, we’re gonna rock it. However, sometimes we lose motivation and it happens to the best of us! So, I think if we set smaller goals such as brush my teeth twice a day or start planning my outfit the day before, it allows you to feel pride in achieving those goals. You can take that pride and use it as motivation to continue working on your bigger ones. 

  • Keep a positivity jar, basket, box, etc

In this box, keep motivational quotes and a pieces of paper that states what will happen if you achieve your goals.  This will give  you a push when you’re feeling down. As soon as a negative thought enters your brain, open your box/jar and read what it says. If it’s a quote, it will inspire and motivate and if it’s one the goals one, it will remind you why you’re working so hard and why you can’t give up. 

  • Keep your mind open 

Of course, you will have goals that you want to achieve but always be open to the endless possibilities that will come this year. Also, always remember that everything turns into a lesson and therefore it’s a blessing. Whatever happens, it will make you stronger and more powerful.


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