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Finding The Magic,

Sometimes life gives you lemons, cliche I know. I believe they say this because lemons are sour however they have great nutritional value so therefore it becomes something good.

Whatever way you say it, I feel there is good in everything. Magic in every situation. Here are some ways you can look for the magic in something that may be perceived as darkness.

  • Breathe, count to ten and clear your head.
  • Start visualizing happiness; the sun coming up, a child smiling, getting a new pair of shoes. What makes your soul tingle.
  • Imagine your situation as an outsider. What would you tell that person? Life is over? Would you spew negativity at them or try to make them feel better? Try and give advice to yourself, maybe being objective will allow you to see the magic.
  • Look for the lesson. As I’ve said before, I believe every situation and every experience will teach you something. How to be stronger, smarter, more vulnerable, etc. Staying objective, think about why this is happening, what are you going to learn that you didn’t know before? How can this become a teachable moment?
  • Remember that it’s not going to last forever. Remember your strength and the power that you have inside you. You will make it, you always have.

Magic is everywhere. Negativity is just a perception. Change it.



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