3 Rad Blogs and why – RadGirl Challenge

As a blogger, you find inspiration everywhere. It could be from experiences, other arts form but sometimes it’s from other writers. Sometimes you view someone’s words, you think wow we’re on the same wavelength and their words give you inspiration to continue on. These are some bloggers that I feel write from their heart and I will continuously read their work. 

The Buttercup Baby 

Her artwork caught my eye but her words captured my mind. We both believe in the power that we have inside ourselves and write about how we can become the best you possible. I believe she’s an amazing writer and she’s going to make a difference with her posts. Also, she’s extremely cool and very rad.  If you’d like to be empowered and find out to become a girl boss, click here


Alright, someone one who knows the importance of words is someone you gotta know. I love her blog because with each post, there is a spark of motivation. I love that she knows that you have the strength inside you to do anything you put your mind too and with word she writes she allowing other people to realize their own strength. If you’d like to know the importance of saying “I can” click here.

The Unschool

Now this a blog with a message. Here you can ways to become a better you with creative posts and great ideas. I absolutely love everything he post because he has inspirational and innovative ways to allow your life to be the best it could be. It’s extremely creative lifestyle blog. If you’d like to know the key to success, click here.

๐Ÿ’“Being rad is making a difference, inspiring through your passions and being the person you’re meant to be. ๐Ÿ’“

Day 4 here


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