5 Goals for your blog – RadGirl Challenge

This place is a safe place full of happiness and positivity. Here I can create, mold and become the person I am meant to be. Every word that I write I hope to spark inspiration and motivation. Here are some goals for my blog 💞💕

  1. Grow as a community. I stated before that this is a safe place and I want everyone of my readers to feel the same way. I want you guys to feel comfortable and loved. I want you guys to contact me anytime you need a little a love, cuz I’m always here. 
  2. Sharing your passion. I want you guys to submit your work and feel safe doing so. I want you guys to realize that your artwork, poems, stories, etc will probably create a movement of love and empowerment.
  3. RadGirl Movement. Of course, every blogger wants a large amount of readers and followers because I definitely do.  However, I  want my readers to continually grow so that I can send positivity towards them, motivate them and help allow them to grow as a person. I want to create a movement. A movement of strength,self love, happiness and finding the warrior inside ourselves. 
  4. Self love. This blog is not just for my readers realizing their worth and taking the journey to do so. It’s about me doing the same. Every post, every word written is a little love sprinkling inside me. Every blog post I read on here gives me the inspiration needed to become the person I am meant to be. 
  5. Friendship. I would love to meet new people with beautiful minds. I would love to make new connections, new vibes and maybe create something beautiful together. I would love to be rad together.

Day 5 here.


7 thoughts on “5 Goals for your blog – RadGirl Challenge

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  2. I have similar blog goals for mine as well! For me just starting my page a few months ago, I am definitely looking for a large audience. Will be reading your goals for advice.

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