How do you stay positive? – RadGirl Challenge 

Positivity is like fairies, you have to believe in it to be true. 

How do I find the good? I believe it’s because it’s in my strong belief in the temporary. Nothing is permanent. Now, that may sound like a negative statement but I don’t view as such. I always in the back of mind know that the dark situation won’t last forever and eventually will turn into light again. Even if I don’t know when or how, I know it is possible. 

So, how do I stay positive? I believe positivity is a mindset and you need to mold yourself to have it. I try and look for the good in everything. I try to look for the art, the inspiration in every situation. When you think negatively, all you’re gonna see is the negative. 

What I also learned is that positivity is a one way street. We must look in ourselves and stop worrying about others thoughts and beliefs. You are are your own. I am vowing to focus on myself,  stop comparing and worrying. It turns into negativity! I am beautiful,safe and loved. 

Also, negativity is contagious. No, I’m not saying that every person is negative and you’re not; I’m just saying that those that aren’t aware of the mindset they have and live under a cloud of darkness can create a cloud of darkness for you too. Always try and remind those people, that there is good and there is happiness because they deserve to have light in their life as well. 

I stay positive by finding ways everyday to inspire myself in others. I stay positive by finding the magic. I seek the good, the light, the happiness. It’s a process and I’m determined to stay on this path of goodness. ☀️✨✨✨☀️

Day 6 here.


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