Your biggest achievements and why – RadGirl Challenge 

Celebrate the little things, the bigs things and the things in between because you deserve all of them. ✨💫

Here are some achievements that I’ve made and why I’m proud of each. Thank you for these blessings!

  •  I got accepted to a college that has a great communication program. I am able to double major and study what I want to succeed in my life. 
  • My tuition is covered and I’m extremely grateful that mula is not in the way of my education. ((I got some loans but hey who doesn’t lmao))
  • I got to work at an nonprofit organization over the summer where I worked with kids that warmed my heart. I made a difference in their life and they made a difference in mine. 
  • I have true friends that love me for me. I am grateful to know who’s truly there for me. 
  • I’m currently interning at a nonprofit organization where I am sharpening my PR skills everyday. I am grateful I am making difference with this organization and allowing people to have a better community. 
  • I started this blog. I get to better my writing, I get to connect with people that believe in positive vibes and I get to inspire people through my words. 

Here are some things that I’m extremely grateful for and most definitely super proud of! Society teaches us that we can’t be happy for our blessings and even writing this I have a nagging feeling like I’m showing off! But I know in my heart when you show the universe your gratefulness more happy things will sprinkle into your life 😊☀️👏

Day 8 here


7 thoughts on “Your biggest achievements and why – RadGirl Challenge 

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  2. This is such an amazing project and as a new reader to your blog has really shown me what your blog is all about and who you are as a person! I love your blog so much, it’s so stylish and I love the layout of the blog posts! 🙂

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