Rad girl

Worthy, I AM. πŸ’•

See, I have to practice what I preach. I am strong, independent woman who’s full of power. Yet, I found myself waiting for a response like it was the direct correlation of my power. “This man is in my life equals me being hot shit and therefore I’m confident.” OH HELL NO, NICHI!!! 

Okay, back track a little. I found myself waiting on a reply from a guy. Hehe, that rhymed. I found myself feeling sad about this said reply and the fact that he never did. I found myself thinking, the most of treacherous of thoughts and I almost forgot my worth. For awhile, tbh I let the thought of having someone else would complete me. Then, it hits me. I complete my own damn self. 

Now, of course I want some lovin’ in my life but if it takes awhile for me to find the right person; that doesn’t mean I’m not worthy. 

I have to focus on me, love me, before anything comes my way. 

Girls, we need to know our own strength, power and worthiness before anyone else does. 

If even for a second, you think you need someone else to be the best you possible remember that’s bullshit. You’re the best possible you, for you. For your strength and for your growth. Not for someone else’s. 

Love who you are, inside and out. Your worthiness comes from you. πŸ˜ˆπŸ’Ÿ


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