Rad girl

happiness is within me.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been feeling a little stuck and a little blah. I’ve been having a little pity party, but that is something that I wanted to leave in 2016. So, I’ve become even more aware of the power of the mind, and the power that you have to live the happiest of lives. I’ve decided to come up with a listย that could help change my mindset, so I can live a happy, positive life.

  • I may not know what’s going to happen next but Iย have the ability to believe in the positivity. To think of the good, to the think of the magic in every situation.
  • I am whole, not because of others, but because of me. I make me feel beautiful, I love every inch of myself, I am the reason I am growing as a person.
  • I shall not compare myself to others, I am growing in my own pace, I am becoming who I am. I am different, I am strong and I am blessed.
  • There is no rush in becoming who I am meant to be. As long as everyday I take steps, either large of small, mentally or physically, I am making progress.

My mind is strong; how I look at the world, how I shape the way I think, paves the life I am going to live. I am safe, beautiful and loved. I have the power to be who I wanna be and that’s happy.



7 thoughts on “happiness is within me.

  1. The only way we can ever be is “our” highest and best. Accepting ourselves where we are, as we are in this moment reaps the most benefits. Being specific about ways we each can be happy on a daily basis makes happiness more attainable. I love the little song: “If you’re happy and you know it…clap your hands!”

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    • Thank you for these words! I’ve struggling with that concept, I have to change the mindset that it always be better later. I have to accept now, I have to see the blessings that’s happening now; so more can come!! Yasss, that’s a perfect song for this!

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