Rad girl

What is a RadGirl- Elizabeth F (Guest Series #3)

It’s me, it’s you, it’s us…

When you are faced with obstacles but continue to make strides, when doors close but you find an open window, when you’re faced with the possibility of losing but you continue to fight, push forward, and conquer. That makes you a rad girl. When the answer is no but you refuse to accept it. When you find your way around the struggles and triumph. Or when you find that you have been beaten and bruised from the countless battles but instead of staying down or staying silenced you get back up stronger than ever. That makes you a rad girl.

Being a rad girl means standing up for who and what you believe in and never wavering. It means not accepting defeat but growing from it. It means going after what you want out of life and being proud of your accomplishments no matter how big or small. It means respecting yourself and others. Because we are all in this together.

Who are rad girls? You, me, our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, and our friends. The neighbors, the women in leadership positions who continue to fight for us and what’s right. Our aunts, our grandmothers, our teachers who help shape the amazing women we are. They are rad girls. They make this world what it is. A beautiful and diverse world full of so many possibilities. Because of the rad girls who came before us we can walk on and walk tall.

If you want to live up to your fullest rad girl potential, then here’s what you should do…be you, be unapologetically you. Be a force to be reckoned with. Be fierce. Be loving and kind. Remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to compromise for the right reasons. Be respectful. Dream and dream big and don’t be afraid of the unknown because sometimes the best things are hidden.

One thing I have learned in all my years is that the only time people will get away with putting you down or treating you poorly is if you let them. Don’t ever let anyone put you in the corner. But most importantly don’t ever watch someone being put in the corner. Because not only is a rad girl in charge of her own life and body but she should also be concerned with the wellbeing of her sisters in arms. The women of the world who deserve to be loved and respected like her. I think it’s important to note that. Solidarity plays a huge role in being a rad girl. Lifting each other up. Sharing in victories not down playing one another. Showing support and encouragement. Because the more of that in this world the more success stories there will be.

I want every single person reading this to know that you are wonderful, smart, beautiful, perfect, and more than enough.

I want every single person reading this to know that you are wonderful, smart, beautiful, perfect, and more than enough. You are a rad girl.


Elizabeth F


Her latest post here.


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