Rad girl

Totally RadGirl💟

So, would you guys like to hear my thoughts on…everything? I’ve totally come up with a cool idea and new segment for this blog! Today I’m introducing “Totally RadGirl💟” what is this? 

Well, every other Wednesday I’m going to write about a topic chosen by you! It can be advice, my opinion, etc anything you decide! You guys can ask me questions and I’ll answer honestly and wholeheartedly, lol. Anywho, I just thought this will be such a cool idea and I really hope you guys participate. I would really be SOOO TOTALLY grateful 😊😊😊. 

You guys can send me topics to postivelyradgirl@gmail.com or leave in the comments below!!! Remember you guys can also submit a piece of your work (any form) stating what being rad means to you! I post those on Friday 💕💕💕

Thanks so much! I really hope you guys like this idea and join me!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Luv y’all. 


8 thoughts on “Totally RadGirl💟

  1. Would love to know your thoughts on how to stay rad when you’re sad. I ‘d like to think of myself as a radgirl but sometimes life gets rough and I feel like a sadgirl.

    Thank you for the opportunity to submit a possible topic for ‘Totally Radgirl’, I look forward to reading your post regardless of what it is about!

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