Rad girl

Sincerely, Me. πŸ’š

Hey girl! 

I haven’t seen you in awhile. I mean I see you everyday but not you. You know! That girl that knows she’s gonna make it, the girl with strength and positivity. The one that believes that her power can change the world, where is she? Okay, so you may be screaming at me right now and saying “she’s right here!!!” Well is she? I know you’ve been feeling a little down lately, but the girl I’m talking about wouldn’t doubt her strength. The girl I’m speaking about would know within her bones that she’ll be the person she’s meant to become. Girl, you got going on. The smarts, the bod, the love inside your heart? The girl I know believes in that without a shadow of a doubt. I know you may be thinking, did I ever have that conviction of belief? GIRL ITS INSIDE YOU, let go and believe you are beautiful. What’s stopping you, those who truly love you know it. Why can’t you? I know you can do it, I KNOW YOU KNOW YOURE FUCKING WARRIOR BECAUSE YOU ARE! Look in the mirror, look deep into your soul and find your strength. It’s in there, you’ve always had it and you know it. It’s your time to shine, the lights are on and the world is ready. I love you. I love who you are. I LOVE YOU. πŸ’š




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