Rad girl

Sprinkles of magic. πŸŒΈβœ¨πŸ’™

We have the power to be the seeds of a blossoming flower. We have the opportunity to give another a soul a push to positivity in light. Everyday is an opportunity to send good vibes. 

I was told that it was read that I complimented people randomly. I like your shoes, I’m gonna tell you. I think you’re pretty, girl I am going to tell you so. Our words can make someone’s day, we can be the light that pushes the darkness out. My compliments aren’t weird, they’re empowerment. I’m spreading love, little sprinkles of magic. 

I want the idea of love and empowerment to be the new norm. I want you to wake up and make sure one of your priorities is making someone smile. You are opening your heart to happiness, light and positivity. 

Be the seeds, be the magic, be the love and show it each day. Empower. You are the beginning, the strength, you are the power of self love. 


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