Rad girl

A Busy Bee.🐝

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t been posting as much as I used too. I apologize and I love you guys sooooo much. I have had projects and exams back to back. I’ve been stressedttttt. But I’m growing!! I’m working on becoming a beautiful flower 🌺 as of right now I’m just a seed haha. πŸ‘Ά As I always tell you guys, you should be grateful for the little things, here are some things that I want to make sure it is known  that I’m grateful: 

  • I’ve been going to the gym consistently (5 days a week) WOOOHOOOOOO
  • I’ve been drinking less coffee!!! ( I could cut down more but its just a beginning) 
  • I believe in me and my strengths 
  • I’m working on caring less of what people think of me
  • I just finished a group project, where I was the leader and it went great!!! 
  • I am open to growing and becoming a better person in every way 
  • I’m working on communicating what I want

It’s so important to state your achievements and not dwell on the negativity. I have to learn that I am working on myself daily and I am going to achieve everything I want too, even if there are a little bit of step backs! I’m strong, beautiful and loved and can do anything I put my mind too. πŸ’–

As soon as I’m done with school and these stressful projects, I will be going back to posting twice a week. I will be continuing my guest posts as well as my Totally RadGirl segment. Also, I will be updating you on my career and it’s progress!! Get ready for summer ⚑️✨🍸 and all of its fun!!!!!!!! 




What are you grateful for? Leave in the comments. 


14 thoughts on “A Busy Bee.🐝

  1. Love your post! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me! I’m just starting out and I would love to have some readers. πŸ™‚ I am grateful for my loving God and my supportive family!!!

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  2. Glad to have you back. When you can, and only when you can, your avid readers will be here. No pressure, or should I say, no more pressure. I believe that keeping your blog current is prudent, but the number of posts need not be counted. The post you do gift should count!

    With what you’re accomplishing, future posts are gonna be good. They’re gonna be good. How exciting!!!

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