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Perceptionz 🐘

Hey, loves. Today I want to talk about the power of perspective! We have the opportunity to change the world around us. How? We can do this by changing the way we view our own personal situations. 

This year I’ve been through a lot, some could look at my journey as a hardship but I choose to look this year as a step to becoming me. As I write to you guys, I always talk about finding the magic. You guys this is so important!!! Anywho, I have many posts about that and today I’m focusing on my perceptions and the power I have through looking at the world through positive eyes. 

Okay, as stated before I’ve been through a lot but I view it as a growth. I am definitely not the same person I was before.  Is that a bad thing? No. It’s natural. Did you know that all of are skin cells change every seven years? (Alright, imma be honest I don’t the exact of this, but it’s pretty cool!!) so, biologically we change!! Change is good!! 

Perception is so important. We can literally turn a rainy day into a rainbow. (Cliche but ya know, that’s all me lol) Here are some cool ways to help how you perceive things: 

  • Think about how a situation can effect who you are in a positive way. Am I going to be more resilient? Am I going to have more self love? 
  • Make a list of the good that can happen. For instance, if you are going through a breakup you can write about how someone better is on the way (even if you think it’s impossible, you are telling the universe you deserve it) 
  • Find a hobby. Discover some new foods. Find the new you. You have the ability to be positive, you have the opportunity to create happiness in your life and you can do that by learning how to bake! 

Why is perception important? How do you change the perception of a negative situation? Leave in comments 😎❀️


9 thoughts on “Perceptionz 🐘

  1. I agree with everything in this post. In my opinion, perception is important because it allows you to take a step back and evaluate the situation at hand with a clear mind set. In terms of a negative situation, let’s say a break up, those are never great. At first, the person has so many emotions inside them, sadness, anger, resentfulness. With perception, the person can see what worked and what didn’t work in that relationship. They can use that experience to say “ok, this is what didn’t work in the relationship, I learned from this experience and I can use in my next relationship, “.

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  2. Perception is important because how we see the world on any given day can reek havoc with our lives if allowed to run willy nilly. I believe that there are two sides to every coin. I’m too curious to just look at one or the other. I want to see both. Then with the power of choice on my side, I can make the decision or not, to live my highest and best life from there.

    I break it down into percentages. I give myself 85% control of my life in the realm of positivity, leaving 15% to negative incidentals I couldn’t possibly control anyway. Even then, being the COO of my life, I can still choose how I want to react, and how long I want it to last.

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